GODO - a brief introduction

What does the name GODO® mean? GODO® is a new way of walking, a completely new way of stepping out!
What is it? It's the hottest piece of news for body, mind and soul!
Who says so? Holistic general practitioner Peter Greb: a highly-qualified doctor specialised in natural healing, acupuncture, neural therapy and bio-resonance therapy (see résumé for more).
Who else says this? Everyone who has tried GODO®!
How does it work? Quite simply. It's the reverse of what you were taught!
What are its benefits? Happiness, the best of health as you heal yourself of even chronic complaints.
What does it cost? Nothing! It's free of charge - and success is guaranteed!
Is it difficult? NO! You simply re-adjust your walking pattern.

How? Instead of rolling forward heel-to-toe, you learn to set down lightly on the balls of your feet.

What's the result? You walk more freely than ever before - with a decreasing need for medication!
GODO® can be ideally combined with rolfing, yoga, feldenkrais, acupuncture etc. to give you the flexibility and freedom of movement that is your birthright!

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